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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”
– Peter drucker

About Edward

Edward A. Mermelstein is a Russian-American real estate attorney, legal strategist, businessman, and developer based in New York City.

Edward is especially skilled in international corporate and real estate law, private equity investment and joint ventures, real estate investment, management and development as well as claims and disputes resolution. Edward is also fluent in both English and Russian.

With an impressive number of victories to his name, a keen understanding of the global political arena, and a knack for nimbly navigating international markets, Edward has been named one of the 10 most influential figures in New York City real estate. Often quoted in the New York TimesBloombergthe Wall Street Journal, and The Real Deal, Edward is regarded as a leading expert when it comes to closing complex deals and winning unique legal cases. Edward has also been featured on numerous talk shows  such as Fox News, CNBC and Reuters.

Edward is the founder and CEO of One & Only Holdings, a company that caters to the various needs of high-net worth individuals. Among the services offered, One & Only Holdings provides real estate brokerage, consulting, and family office planning. They guarantee thorough guidance, personalized attention, confidentiality, and impeccable service.
In addition to his work, Edward is the founder and CEO of One & Only Realty, a real estate brokerage firm headquartered in New York City. He is involved in a variety of charitable organizations, supporting local and national causes rooted in culture, politics, education, and the arts.

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Areas of Expertise

Foreign Investment Attorney

If you are interested in foreign investment in the United States, Edward can help you navigate the complex process and work to protect your interests throughout the transaction.

Luxury Real Estate Consultant

Get the peace of mind when it comes to purchasing your dream home or investment property.

Legal Strategist

Edward’s insight of the US and foreign marketplace allows you to plan your investments accordingly.

Need A Consultant?

Edward has been a Foreign Investment Advisor for more than 20 years, and assists wealthy foreigners with investments and acquisitions in the United States.


One & Only Realty is a boutique full-service brokerage firm representing sellers, buyers, renters, landlords, and developers of luxury properties in the New York area. If you are looking for professional representation for a real estate transaction from someone who knows and understands New York City real estate industry, then you have come to the right place.

What makes One & Only Realty stand out from the rest is its exceptional market expertise of New York real estate and the diverse portfolio of services the company consistently provides to every single client. We serve each client on an individual and exclusive basis. We make sure to go above and beyond to meet even the most demanding requests. We pursue excellence in every business transaction, and every personal interaction.

For more than 20 years, One & Only Realty has worked with clients from all over the world, exceeding expectations and building dreams in the process of purchasing properties in New York. With an extensive background in development, architecture, finance, and real estate, our agents’ main goal is to make the buying process seamless and to find that perfect home for the lowest achievable price. We deliver impressive results in a timely, yet diligent manner.

We are a multifamily Office dedicated to making your dreams a reality. For more than two decades we have helped a select group of clients and their families by providing services unlike any other. Through coordination with our international strategic alliances, we have helped and served more than 100 high-net-worth families prosper through building managing and preserving their wealth.

We are an international business, with offices and expertise around the world. Help is just a phone call or a flight away, no matter where your home office is located. We bring to you expert advice from an international perspective, with access to contacts and investment opportunities worldwide.

We have expanded across borders as our clients and their requirements have expanded, and as a result, our expertise has grown with our clients’ needs. Whether you require a complex answer, investment advice, or have a tax/legal questions, our expertise in international issues has you covered at any hour of the day.

Philanthropic Work & Organizations

ZAKA International


ZAKA International Rescue Unit operates a specially trained team of volunteer paramedics and search and rescue professionals who are on call 24/7. They respond in the fastest possible time to major international disasters, which led the United Nations in 2005 to recognize ZAKA as an international volunteer humanitarian organization. The ZAKA International Rescue Unit is held in high esteem by emergency forces around the world and is often called upon by international forces to provide assistance, consultation and offer advice.


Mermelstein Scholars at New York University


A scholarship fund established for students with financial need attending New York University  —to be known as Mermelstein Scholars.

COJECO — Council of Jewish Émigré Community Organizations


COJECO was formed in 2001 as an umbrella organization for grass-roots community organizations of Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants within New York. Its mission is to help unite and organize the multitudes of well-educated and successful Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants. By offering a wide array of services, COJECO is creating a prominent name for itself in the growing Russian Jewish community of New York City. Today, it serves as a model for similar organizations around the country.


UJA-Federation has been a central force in communal planning and philanthropy in the New York Jewish community for over 90 years. UJA seeks to inspire a passion for Jewish life and learning, and strengthen Jewish communities around the world. Working with more than 100 network beneficiary agencies, synagogues, and other Jewish organizations, its reach spans more than 60 countries around the world, impacting 4.5 million people each year.

Manhattan Youth Ballet 

Board of Directors

The Manhattan Youth ballet is a school of dance that forms a nurturing environment where students can study classical ballet with a renowned faculty at affordable prices. With a wide array of programming, it fosters creative expression and self-confidence for youths of all backgrounds.

The Link of Times Cultural-Historical Fund

USA Regional Director (2004-2009)

A Cultural-Historical foundation, The Link of Times was established by Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg in February 2004. The core mission of the foundation is to repatriate cultural and historical pieces that have been taken out of Russia. Encouraging the United States and Russia, two seemingly polarized nations, to cooperate is incredibly important, especially in times of economic hardship. By assisting Russia in reclaiming emblems of its cultural heritage, this organization helps bridge the long existing gap between the former USSR and the United States.

Client Testimonials

Arie Ben-Dor

“When Nouriel Roubini paraded around parliaments around the world post Lehman Brothers, Ed Mermelstein was reassuring and advising his clients. His commitment to understanding a person’s character, style, needs and wants make him a valuable partner in today’s unstable economy. When reviewing your parliamentary strategies consider Ed before making any critical decisions. He’s worth his value and more…”

A. G.

“Edward has tremendous litigation skills.  He has the ability to dissect a case much like a skilled surgeon, with absolute calm.  Nothing seems to rattle or distract him from his goal on a case, which makes him impossible to beat.”

Eric Braverman, MD, PATH Medical

“Ed Mermelstein is a trusted attorney that would be a great advisor for your entire life.”

Jon Katz, President at Katz Moving

“Edward has high ethical standards and exhibits professionalism in all aspects of real estate law and business, and I’m honored to have worked with him.”

Matt Eventoff, Partner, Princeton Public Speaking

“Do not let Ed’s humble demeanor fool you; in real estate, as in most fields, there are a select few who are truly experts, and thousands of imitators. Ed is the real thing. Whether it’s discussing the future of residential housing in New York City, general land based trends in Boise or the commercial market in Kiev, Ed is the first stop for myriad journalists, and for good reason.”

Thomas Wiggin, President of Mortgage Financing, Thomas Funding Group

“Edward is a highly competent attorney. He provides a multitude of personal service to his clients and is wonderful to work with as a colleague. I would recommend him to any of my clients.”

Alexander Kanen, Owner, Alexander Kanen, P.C.

“Ed is a trusted advisor worthy of the highest recommendation involving legal matters. His experience, integrity, keen insights, natural business instinct and general professionalism as both a lawyer and business professional are second to none when legal representation is needed. Ed and his entire staff at the firm are always a true pleasure to work with. I will continue to regularly work with this firm and would recommend them with the highest level of enthusiasm.”

Dave Kay, VP at Infra Mega – Energy and Infrastructure Funding

“Expert and well connected. Relentless with guaranteed good results”

Lada Mirzalieva, Consultant, ABA/CEELI

“It has been a pleasant experience, working under Edward’s supervision. He is a very smart, intelligent and bright attorney. Edward is a very talented person and has a great personality. Very supportive. I enjoyed working for his office.”

Simon Amburg, Owner, Paramount

“I have known Mr. Mermelstein for many years. He is proven to be very diligent and professional. He is very knowledgeable in his field, and has a high level of integrity. It has always been my pleasure to conduct business with Mr. Mermelstein. I would recommend him very highly.”

Yana Kondak

“If you need results, then Edward is the only person to work with. He is thorough, detail oriented and successful in delivering positive outcomes for his clients.”

Marlen Kruzhkov, Principal, Law Offices of Marlen Kruzhkov, P.L.L.C.

“Ed is not only a brilliant attorney but a person of great integrity.”

Dacia Betts, CEO/President, Development Concepts, Inc

“Edward Mermelstein is a remarkable attorney and has done wonders assisting me in business ventures. He has given excellent legal recommedations for my firm and has helped increase my flow of business.”

Liu-Yue Lam

“I had the honor of working with Ed on several deals over the past few years. Ed and his firm is simply a pleasure to work with. He is a team player, highly skilled negotiator, and an expert in commercial real estate. In the rough and tumble world of high finance Ed really stands out as an extremely accomplished gentleman.”

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