“When Nouriel Roubini paraded around parliaments around the world post Lehman Brothers, Ed Mermelstein was reassuring and advising his clients. His commitment to understanding a person’s character, style, needs and wants make him a valuable partner in today’s unstable economy. When reviewing your parliamentary strategies consider Ed before making any critical decisions. He’s worth his value and more…” –  Arie Ben-Dor

“Edward has tremendous litigation skills.  He has the ability to dissect a case much like a skilled surgeon, with absolute calm.  Nothing seems to rattle or distract him from his goal on a case, which makes him impossible to beat.” – A. G.

“Ed Mermelstein is a trusted attorney that would be a great advisor for your entire life.” – Eric Braverman, MD, PATH Medical

“Edward has high ethical standards and exhibits professionalism in all aspects of real estate law and business, and I’m honored to have worked with him.” – Jon Katz, President at Katz Moving

“Do not let Ed’s humble demeanor fool you; in real estate, as in most fields, there are a select few who are truly experts, and thousands of imitators. Ed is the real thing. Whether it’s discussing the future of residential housing in New York City, general land based trends in Boise or the commercial market in Kiev, Ed is the first stop for myriad journalists, and for good reason.” – Matt Eventoff, Partner, Princeton Public Speaking

“Edward is a highly competent attorney. He provides a multitude of personal service to his clients and is wonderful to work with as a colleague. I would recommend him to any of my clients.” – Thomas Wiggin, President of Mortgage Financing, Thomas Funding Group

“Ed is a trusted advisor worthy of the highest recommendation involving legal matters. His experience, integrity, keen insights, natural business instinct and general professionalism as both a lawyer and business professional are second to none when legal representation is needed. Ed and his entire staff at the firm are always a true pleasure to work with. I will continue to regularly work with this firm and would recommend them with the highest level of enthusiasm.” – Alexander Kanen, Owner, Alexander Kanen, P.C.

“Expert and well connected. Relentless with guaranteed good results” – Dave Kay, VP at Infra Mega – Energy and Infrastructure Funding

“It has been a pleasant experience, working under Edward’s supervision. He is a very smart, intelligent and bright attorney. Edward is a very talented person and has a great personality. Very supportive. I enjoyed working for his office.” – Lada Mirzalieva, Consultant, ABA/CEELI

“I have known Mr. Mermelstein for many years. He is proven to be very diligent and professional. He is very knowledgeable in his field, and has a high level of integrity. It has always been my pleasure to conduct business with Mr. Mermelstein. I would recommend him very highly.” – Simon Amburg, Owner, Paramount

“If you need results, then Edward is the only person to work with. He is thorough, detail oriented and successful in delivering positive outcomes for his clients.” – Yana Kondak

“Ed is not only a brilliant attorney but a person of great integrity.” – Marlen Kruzhkov, Principal, Law Offices of Marlen Kruzhkov, P.L.L.C.

“Edward Mermelstein is a remarkable attorney and has done wonders assisting me in business ventures. He has given excellent legal recommedations for my firm and has helped increase my flow of business.” – Dacia Betts, CEO/President, Development Concepts, Inc

“I had the honor of working with Ed on several deals over the past few years. Ed and his firm is simply a pleasure to work with. He is a team player, highly skilled negotiator, and an expert in commercial real estate. In the rough and tumble world of high finance Ed really stands out as an extremely accomplished gentleman.” – Liu-Yue Lam