December 27, 2009 – Son m?s lo que deciden no pagar. Article by Yolanda Arenales, La Opini?n.

December 01, 2009 – The Lawyers You Call. Edward Mermelstein’s Profile in NY Observer’s Best In The Field Survey, NY Observer. 

November 24, 2009 – Would You Buy A Home Now? Interview with Edward Mermelstein on the State of the Housing Market, FOX Business.

November 19, 2009 – Holiday ‘Pop-Up’ Stores Are Going Upscale. Article by Eve Tahmincioglu, MSNBC. Read more>>

November 17, 2009 – China Buying U.S. Real Estate. Interview with Attorney Edward Mermelstein on Chinese Investments in American Real Estate, FOX Business.

November 11, 2009 – Russian into U.S. Real Estate. A look at why Russians and East Europeans are disproportionately buying up U.S. real estate, interview with Edward Mermelstein on BNN, Canada.

November 10, 2009 – The Russians Are Coming. The Russians Are Buying Real Estate In America, interview with Edward Mermelstein by Erin Burnett, CNBC. Watch at>>

November 09, 2009 – Fearing A Commercial Real Estate Crisis. Article by Evelyn Lee, NJBIZ.

November 05, 2009 – Russian Company Evraz May Restart Portland Pipe Mill. Article by Richard Read, The Oregonian. Read more>>

October 15, 2009 – Russians Buy Up Real Property in New York. Article by Zagranhouse Magazine, Russia. Read more (Russian)>>

October 13, 2009 – Weak dollar, Low NY Property Prices Woo Foreigners. Article by Michelle Nichols and Bill Trott, Reuters.

October 01, 2009 – Rich Russians raise the price of luxury properties in the UK. Article by Deluxe Magazine, Hungary. Read more (Hungarian)>>

September 16, 2009 – Capmark’s Troubles Highlight Plight of Many CRE Lenders. Article by Matt Hudgins, National Real Estate Investor.

September 16, 2009 – International Investors & U.S. Real Estate Opportunities. Interview with Edward Mermelstein by Peter Mosca in Income property Investment Talk. Read and listen more>>

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mp3_File_32.pngListen to the interview, part 2 of 5>>

mp3_File_32.pngListen to the interview, part 3 of 5>>

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September 14, 2009 – Distressed Properties Eyed By Foreign Investors. Article by Greg Kane, CREJ.

September 10, 2009 – Q&A with Ed Mermelstein: Govt. Can Manage a Soft Landing for Impending CRE Loan Problem. Interview with Edward Mermelstein in MHN Online.

September 04, 2009 – Buying ‘As Is’: Bargain Or Burden? Article by Barbara Ballinger, Read more>>

September 01, 2009 – Borrowers Play Chicken With Lenders. Article by Adam Pincus, The Real Deal.

August 18, 2009 – Commercial Real Estate Bubble Looms. Article by United Press International, Inc. Read more>>

August 17, 2009 – Commercial Real Estate Gets Worse. Article by Paul Davidson, USA Today Read more>>

August 17, 2009 – The Rise and Falling of New York’s Busiest Building Buyer. Article by Bonnie Kavoussi, The New York Observer

August 13, 2009 – Empty Office Space. Article by Kent Bernhard, Jr.,

August 06, 2009 – Strong Currency & High Oil Prices Enable Russians Buy Distressed US Properties (Again). Article in Overseas Property Mall Blog, Fuzz One Media Group.Read more>>

July 27, 2009 – Investors Finding No Fire Sales In Commercial Property. Article by Angela Pruitt, Dow Jones Newswires.

July 16, 2009 – Rock-Bottom Real Estate Prices Are Attracting Affluent Buyers from Eastern Europe. Article by John Caulfield, Builder Magazine. Read more>>

July 15, 2009 – Rich Russians Returning to U.S. Property Lured by Lower Prices. Article by Yuriy Humber,

July 15, 2009 – Russian Oligarchs Storm Property Market in US – report,

May 21, 2009 – TALF’s Expansion Fueling CMBS Restart? Article by Erika Morphy,

May 16, 2009 – Economy May Drive Some To Negotiate. Article by Tim Tresslar, Dayton Daily News.

May 13, 2009 – Commercial Real Estate Latest Weak Spot. Article by Steven Marlin, MarketsMedia Online. Read more>>

May 08, 2009 – Nations Second Largest Mall Operator Files For Bankruptcy. Article by Chris Miller, Hudson Valley Business Journal.

May 04, 2009 – Renegotiated Loans Will Ease Fallout, One Broker Says. Article by Jeff Ostrowski, Palm Beach Post.

May 01, 2009 – Guarding The Green. Article by David Jones, The Real Deal.

April 24, 2009 – Will The Commercial Real Estate Plummet Further? Discussion in Great Building Blog.

April 23, 2009 – Wichita Retailers Riding Out Recession. Article by Bill Wilson, The Wichita Eagle.

April 23, 2009 – Commercial Real Estate Industry Feels The Pinch Of The Nation’s Economic Downturn. Article by Kevin Smith, San Gabriel Valley Tribune. Read more>>

April 21, 2009 – Escaping Foreclosure Hell: Five Important Steps. Article by Jarrod Thalhaimer, AOL Real Estate.

April 15, 2009 – 5 Tips to Get Your Lender to Renegotiate. Article by Mariwyn Evans, Realtor Magazine.

April 12, 2009 – Merritt 7 Executive Predicts Better Times For Regional Office Market. Article by Peter Healy, Connecticut Post.

April 08, 2009 – Baltimore To Spend $4.1M In Fed Money To Fight Foreclosures. Article by Robbie Whelan, The Daily Record.

April 06, 2009 – Can’t Get A Mortgage Loan? Rent To Own. Article by Kelli B. Grant, SmartMoney. Read more>>

April 01, 2009 – Shining A Light On Loan To Own. Article by Adam Pinkus, The Real Deal.

March 17, 2009 – Market Analysis with Edward Mermelstein. The MoneyMan Report, March 17, Parts 6&7. By Daniel Frishberg, BizRadio Network.

mp3_File_32.pngListen to the interview, part 1>>

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March 09, 2009 – No Job? Can’t Refinance? How to Talk to Your Bank. Article by Mark Koba, CNBC.

March 09, 2009 – Carried Interest Tax a Possibility, CRE Firms Eye Alternatives. Article by Erika Morphy,

March 07, 2009 – Commercial Real Estate May Shape Up As The Next Big Crisis. Article by Sanford Nax, Fresno Bee.

March 05, 2009 – County Could See Little Mortgage Relief. Article by Emmet Pierce, Union-Tribune. Read more>>

March 02, 2009 – Interviewing Edward Mermelstein. By Alex Shalman,

February 27, 2009 – New Developments in the Subprime Crisis. Article by Edward Mermelstein exclusively for West Thomson Reuters Aspatore Special Report. Read more>>

February 19, 2009 – FEATURE: When Payments Will Be Late, Re-negotiate. By Mike Zawacki, Commercial Dealer.

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February 10, 2009 – Treasury Eyes Public-Private Investment Fund. By Erika Morphy,

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February 03, 2009 – Person Of The Week: Edward A. Mermelstein On Refinances, Renegotiations And Other CRE Concerns. By Jessica Lillian, From The Orb. Read more>>

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